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Below are per month prices.

All memberships are set to auto renew.




Unlimited + AMP

$150 Per Month

Unlimited Only

$135Per Month

$100 (full-time college student & military)

Family - Second Member

$115 Per Month

Three Classes Per Week - Saturday is Free

$105 Per Month

Two Classes Per Week - Saturday is Free

$80 Per Month

Satellite (Online Programming)

$45 Per Month

Open Gym Only (Does not include classes & can only come around class times)

$55 Per Month



Sport Performance


Unlimited Only 


$135 Per Month




Special Notes:

  • Fees are subject to change.

  • Automated Billing/Direct Debit can be placed on hold if you are away for an extended period for a special, infrequent reason. 

  • Notifications must be made to before the month that memberships will not renew. 

  • No refunds.

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